“Roseanne” Is Based Off This Girl’s Life

Roseanne was a show that many people grew up watching and it was so popular because it showed the struggles of a typical American family.  Well, according to Jenny Pentland, the show is actually about her life!  Jenny wrote a memoir explaining how her mom created the show and the similarities to her life growing up.  The book, ‘This will be funny later’, comes out today, “Growing up, Jenny Pentland’s life was a literal sitcom. Many of the storylines for her mother’s smash hit series, Roseanne, were drawn from Pentland’s early family life in working-class Denver. But that was only the beginning of the drama. Roseanne Barr’s success as a comedian catapulted the family from the Rockies to star-studded Hollywood—with its toxic culture of money, celebrity, and prying tabloids that was destabilizing for a child in grade school.”


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