It seems we have binged through everything imaginable!  If you are not caught up through season 3 of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” then you’re welcome that’s is the assignment this weekend.  For those who are caught up, details about season 4 were dropped by Finn Wolfhard the actor who plays Mike Wheeler “claiming it will be the darkest season yet”.   In his appearance on CBC Listen, He says they are amping up the sadness…but also the comedy!

“Every season it gets darker. Really, I will say with Season 3 I was like, this is the darkest season that there’ll ever be, like the exploding rats and everything. But really, Season 4 so far, it’s the darkest season there’s ever been,” Wolfhard said. “Every year, it gets amped up. Every year it gets funnier and darker and sadder, and everything. Every year, they amp it up.”

Season 4 of the series is still in production due to delays of the pandemic.

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