Selling A Car Turns Into A Family

Davon Woods sold his car to The Wilkinson’s and when they asked questions about his past, he decided to open up.  Davon told them that he grew up in the foster care system and never really had a family of his own.  He explained how hard it was to spend the holidays feeling unloved and just wished he had people to call his own.  The Wilkinson’s decided they would be that for Davon and have “adopted” him into their family.  It is now Davon’s mission to shed light on his relationship with them but also what kids in the foster care system go through.  Check out his video below….

@davonwoodsfcFor so long blacks & whites have been seperated 💔 But at the end of the day family isn’t blood, family isn’t color , family is LOVE. Let’s all come together 🙏🏽 #davonwoods #love #unity #family #alllivesmatter #share #fyp #together

♬ Happiest Year – Jaymes Young

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