St. Patty’s Day Bartending Nightmares

It is officially St. Patty’s Day and bars across America are going to be serving up green beers.  If you are in Chicago, you know that the river is dyed green and it can get crazy, which led ‘The Takeout’ to ask those bartenders the question “What are your horror stories?”  Do YOU have any?

Here is one but you can read all of them HERE.

“One year there was a man who kept screaming every time he took a shot, got into a fight with his girlfriend, made her cry, then got into a screaming match with his bros, then reached behind our bar and stole one of our water pitchers and started drinking directly out of it, all in the span of like 20 minutes. He was like a human tornado.” —Danii Gallegos, 5 years of St. Patrick’s Day service


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