TMZ – The short guy who lost his s*** in the New York bagel shop last week is putting his viral fame to good use … by getting in the ring and beating the crap outta other “celebs.”

Chris Morgan just inked a deal Monday with fighting promoter Damon Feldman — who’s arranged for Chris to put on some boxing gloves and go toe-to-toe with someone later this year in Atlantic City. We got him out with his new crew … and he seemed pretty excited.

Not as fired up as he was in Bagel Boss, of course, but stoked nonetheless. Chris tells us he’s willing to take on anybody foolish enough to face him … and needs minimal training.

As for the fight itself, we’re told the bout is currently booked for September 7 at the Showboat Hotel. And, while no definitive opponent is set in stone quite yet … he could face someone just as viral — Antoine Dodson (the “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” guy).

Damon says Antoine is currently on the same card as Chris — so it’s possible they might square up at some point. Money-wise, we’re told Chris stands to make anywhere from 5 to 6 figures … depending on ticket sales and online streams.

By Willy J – Well you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity!! If a video of you freaking out in a bagel shop goes viral, just relax, things will be fine five days later when you get a five to six digit fighting contract.

You read that right, the same guy you saw losing his shit in that New York bagel shop last week has gotten his big break. The guy being referred to as the “Bagel Boss” whose real name is Chris Morgan has signed a deal to fight someone later this year in Atlantic City.

If you are just now finding out who this dude is, please delete all your social media apps, because you clearly don’t understand how to work them if this is the first time you’ve seen this guy. But just in case, let me go back a few days.

It all started when this video of Morgan went viral of him furiously screaming at innocent people in a bagel shop all because he was fed up with people making fun of his height.

Has he seen that video yet? Something tells me he doesn’t have the fighting gene in him. Let’s be real he deserved that take down at the end.

Here was part 2:

I love the employee who just starts laughing at him. That really pissed him off. This guy clearly has problems, and it all has to do with his height. Here’s a video of him getting mad at two innocent gas station clerks awhile back, because why not.

It wasn’t long after the bagel shop freakout people around the world knew who this guy was. News teams were getting interviews with this guy, which went about as well as you’d think…

This comment was questionable…

Apparently this guy is going through a rough divorce, he got kicked out of his apartment, and is having trouble finding work. Not any more, this guy is now he’s making thousands as a FIGHTER! Maybe freaking out in the bagel shop that day was destiny. None the less, the man has managed to grow from an internet meme to a celebrity fighter.

And how about the guy he is rumored to fight!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, this fight is going to be CRAZYY!! If it happens of course. Here’s one thing I know, I’m never getting in the same fighting ring as that bagel boss guy. He’s built up too much anger and he is ready to unleash all of that. If you were to explain someone this 10 years ago, they would have no clue what you’re talking about.