The Search For Bryan With A “Y”?

America was on a mad search for Bryan with a “Y” all weekend after a video went viral, featuring him. Samantor was on a flight and sat next to a Bryan, who was married and was opening up Hinge to find a date. She went to Tik Tok to find his wife and that video ended up finding her. We finally know what his story is and what his wife thinks about it.


@samn8r This was wild to see and really sad. Stay safe out there ladies. #hinge #cheater #airplane #orlando #chicago #travelstory ♬ original sound – samanator


@samn8r FINAL UPDATE: Bryan with a Y… 👀 Click playlist below to watch all videos. ⬇️ Thx for following along, I love you guys, & please remember that you deserve better than #bryanwithay. 🫶 #orlando #chicago #viral #update #playlist ♬ original sound – samanator

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