There are some great people in our world

The polar vortex has been brutal this week.  But here are four GOOD stories that have come out of all the freezing cold weather . . .

1.  Someone in Chicago rented enough hotel rooms to get SEVENTY homeless people out of the cold on Wednesday.  They were staying in tents, and the Salvation Army was trying to find someplace warm for them.  Then an anonymous person stepped up and wrote a very big check.

2.  A pharmacy in central Michigan knew people needed their prescriptions, but didn’t want them going outside in the cold.  Especially the elderly.  So the pharmacists jumped on a SNOWMOBILE and made deliveries.

3.  All week, Lyft has been offering free rides to “warming centers” in cities all across the Midwest, including Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Detroit.

4.  An 82-year-old grandmother in Muskegon, Michigan is going viral after she braved the sub-zero temperatures to snow-blow her driveway this week.  And she cleared snow for her NEIGHBORS too.

Her name is Marlen Downing, and her kids pleaded with her to stay inside.  But she says she’s a “tough, old broad” from North Dakota . . . and she likes running her snow blower, because it reminds her of her HARLEY, which she still rides in the summer.



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