Sports Illustrated – The annual “Mountain of Hell” race took place at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort over the weekend in France and devolved into a hellish pileup just minutes after the start. One rider near the front of the pack clipped another and caused a series of other crashes that eventually engulfed dozens of racers.

Despite some rather frightening incidents—including one cyclist who slid down the side of the glacier and another who was flipped on his head when a bike took out his legs—British cycling site Bikesy reports that there were no serious injuries.

By Willy J – The Mountain of Hell!?! That sounds terrifying. Why would people race bicycles down a snowy mountain in the French Alps? Bikes on ice don’t match. It doesn’t seem like it would end well, and it clearly didn’t.

It says there were over 700 riders in this race. Did you see all of them at the beginning? It looked like the French Army was getting ready to attack! To say the least, it was pretty impressive to see them get that far. I mean I still can’t wrap my head around how all of these people are able to ride bikes on ice! They make ski’s and snowboard’s for that.

This guy gets going pretty good at the start. He gets up to about 62 mph but then falls on his ass! Luckily no one was seriously hurt. Here’s the person who won the race.

The Mountain of Hell. What a great idea to race bicycles down it.