Wisebrother – There’s a 20-year-old college student named Jacob Pina from Westport, Massachusetts.  And he recently posted some videos on the social network TikTok showing his insane five-inch thumb.  It’s hard to describe just how giant it looks.

Willy J – ALERT! ALERT! What you are thinking after looking at this man’s thumb is not wrong, I absolutely agree with you, this is not a normal thing.

This dude’s thumb is HUGE!! Just a wildly long thumb. I have seen some weird things on humans in which they just sit their and gloat over it. “Hey Will check this out!” as they flip their eye lids over on top of their eyes. Don’t show me that stuff! They know people get grossed out by those things, and they use their birth defects as a weapon.

Hell if this dude sharpens his fingernail a little bit, his thumb is pretty much a knife. This was found on TikTok, which I’m still not very familiar with, but if this dude got that much clout off his freakishly long thumb, props to him, he finally got his big break, well that’s if he hasn’t fractured his thumb yet.