This Mom Has Super Hero Strength

It is no secret that women are incredible in their strength, patience and daily living, but it is really shown when they are in active labor! For Stacey Crave, she was breathing through contractions IN THE WAITING ROOM of her hospital, trying to get someone to help her. They put her in a wheelchair and made her wait, but that baby was ready. Low and behold, she gave birth in the waiting room, while sitting in her wheelchair. The real kicker – that was only one of the TWO babies she was pregnant with. Watch the different POV’s of this brave and strong momma.


@selenarw she said its coming and then gave birth in like 10 seconds #fyp ♬ original sound – Selena Watson


@cravestacey1 So the twins are here they were born on November 20th 12:10 & 12:27pm 5lb 14oz and baby B 3 lbs 15oz! I was so scared becaise they sent me home 3 hrs before this and said i wasnt in active labor then boom all of a sudden a baby is sliding out of me! Im gonna do a storytime to follow for all updates and to meet the lovely twins!! #laboranddelivery #itstime #twins #explor #fyp #craveandleek #twinpregnancyjourney #blessings #pregnancypains #blackmoms #castoroil #twinpregnancy #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Crave Stacey

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