Here’s a BRIEF description of what the hell’s going on with Taylor Swift…

She signed with Big Machine at 15, made them 6 albums and million of $
Her contract ran out last year, and she left that label to go to new label and OWN her music/masters moving forward
She claims she tried to buy the rights to her previous music (masters) from Big Machine & they wouldn’t let her
Sunday news broke that Scooter Braun’s company (Bieber & Ariana’s manager) bought Big Machine
Taylor reveals he & his artists (Bieber & Kanye West) have been bullying her for years…
Taylor considers her life’s work ripped away from her and in the hands of “a man that tried to dismantle it”
Scooter’s people (at the front of the line, Bieber) have come to his defense saying he supported her
Big Machine’s boss man also came out defending his actions & trying to disprove Taylor’s argument
He says he texted Taylor, Taylor’s people say she didn’t read the text
Scooter Braun’s wife says Taylor’s dad is a shareholder and would’ve know about the sale, Taylor’s people say he avoided the call because of the strict NDA and he would’ve had to withhold any info from Taylor…

WOOFTA. Got it all??

So NOW we are left with… who the hell do you believe?! Taylor Swift, who many accuse of “playing the victim” often… Or, lets be honest, a smarmy rich dude just looking at the bottom line (Scott Borchetta- label head of Big Machine)

I PERSONALLY am a Swiftie for life, so I gotta believe my girl Taylor and those coming to her defense (YAAAS HALSEY) And it is BS that songwriters don’t automatically get rights to their OWN music they create… especially if the artist is ALSO the songwriter!

So now lots of Swifties aren’t wanting to stream her old stuff, because that would be putting money into the pockets of 2 men she says have been manipulating and bullying her for years.

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