Scooter & Scott Borchetta (of Big Machine Label Group) own the rights to ALL of her music before this Lover album. They can approve/decline its use in anything they want. She wants to do a medley of hits at the upcoming American Music Awards where she is being honored as the Artist of the Decade. Since it’s TELEVISED and able to be streamed, it doesn’t fall under the general “live performance” realm, but instead is a re-recording, something she would need permission for. They said NO to that. She’s NOT happy and asking for help and going public with this. They deny everything.

Who to believe? At this point I will ALWAYS believe Taylor… however… going public and asking her fans to go active on this was an odd choice… nothing will really happen because of that. A petition is nice and all, but nothing will happen. Aren’t the awards on ABC? Don’t they care if they are promoting a greatest hits performance and it actually CAN’T happen? Why aren’t they getting involved? They’re owned by Disney which owns like EVERYTHING… so surely some leverage could be held there? Anyway, I’m not a fan of asking fans to go after someone, but it is FUN to see who is willing to publicly speak out on her behalf. So far, we’ve got Halsey, Selena and Camila Cabello.

Below is what Taylor had to say. Then what BMLG said. And then finally her publicist’s response. See more explanation of it all HERE as well.
–  Lindsey