By Willy J – You already know this, but Will Smith is a national treasure. We must protect him at all times. Nicholas Cage can come by at anytime and steal him.

This is one of the best things you’ll watch today. If you aren’t subscribed to Will Smith’s Youtube channel yet, go raid Area 51 two months early, because you need to! He puts out a lot of great content like this video he posted three days ago.

Will and his son Jaden were recording what looked like a promotional video for their new line of water, JUST Water , and Will was doing the directing.

I love how Will Smith is THAT dad, meaning, he is that dad whose only goal is to continuously give their kids a hard time.  A part of me thinks that is every dad’s job, but Will Smith is a master at it. Imagine being Jaden during that whole shoot. Not being able to say three words without your dad intentionally interrupting.

If you haven’t yet, you need to subscribe to Will Smith’s Youtube channel. You won’t be disappointed.