Windowless planes are in our future!

Couples are always arguing over who gets the window seat. And for obvious reasons… the view! Inspired by the idea to give the passengers a panoramic view of the sky, the Center for Process Innovation says they are creating the future of air travel. This British technology and research firm is making planes that will be WINDOWLESS. Yep…. A giant windowless coffin… But with touch screens all over it….. Yep, they say the length of the plane will be covered these touch screens giving passengers “a virtual window seat”.  Then they put cameras on the outside of the planes and they’ll be connected to said touch screens…..This is gonna let people look at a display of what is going on around the outside of the plane. You can turn the virtual window into an entertainment system if you get sick of looking at the sky. The bad news? You’re going to have to wait about 10-15 YEARS.