Taxes Due

A TikToker is calling out TurboTax and the third-party vendor it works with, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG), for hidden fees that took allegedly thousands from her tax return. In the TikTok, posted by Micah Russell (@happyspell), the text overlay reads: “I spent 5 hours on the phone with turbo tax, the irs and TPG to find out TPG is keeping most if not all of peoples tax refunds bc of hidden fees.”

In the clip, Russell says, “I got my tax return today and I filed with TurboTax. The option that I filed with was 21 days, normal, hit my bank account in 21 days. It took over a month to hit my bank account. That’s not the issue.”

She further claimed: “The issue is when it did hit my bank account, it was less than a third of what should have been, less than a third than what the IRS said would be my tax return.”

She says she called TurboTax and they told her to call the IRS and that “there’s nothing they can do.” She ends up on an automated call with the IRS department that handles offsets. Offsets are when you actually owe the IRS money, like through student loan debt, and so to make up for that debt, the IRS takes money from your tax return.

@happyspell turbo tax sent a little critter to silence me midway through the video but i will not re silenced!! #turbotax #scam ♬ original sound – m

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