YouTubers The ACE Family Are Charging Fans For Wedding

Austin and Catherine McBroom, who run the ACE family YouTube channel, announced they are launching a family festival and 10 VIP ticket holders will be invited to their wedding.

In their most recent video posted March 19 titled “The End of the ACE Family on YouTube,” the couple said they are planning to quit YouTube at the end of 2022 to travel and “spend time with our family,” and announced they will be hosting an event called the ACE Family Fest in August. The event website describes the festival as “Disneyland meets Coachella,” with people of “all ages” going on rides, interacting with wildlife, and watching live performances.

Austin said the festival is going to be a “full experience” where attendees can “interact with all the other ACE family members,” adding that two VIP ticket holders will be chosen to “join us at our wedding at the end of this year.”

According to the ACE Family Fest website, the event will take place in August and there will be 5,000 tickets available, which are set to go on sale in April. It appears that tickets will only be available to buy in bulk. The website lists one package that costs $299 for three tickets, while the “ACE VIP pass” package costs $499 for five tickets, and two of these pass holders will be chosen to attend the McBroom’s wedding, along with their four guests.

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